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101 Randall

The tone for the park was established with the first building on the site, the award winning Pressworks building, designed by the late John Lingwood. The 28,000 square foot building was originally constructed on Fairway Road to house the presses for Fairway Publishing's weekly publications. The presses were shut down in 1991, and the office space vacated in 1995 and the building was slated for demolition.

We saw an opportunity to preserve an exceptional piece of architecture—and establish the vision for the Randall Drive development. The building on Fairway Road was carefully marked and disassembled and re-erected in the summer of 1996 at 101 Randall Drive. Additional windows were placed in the exterior and the building was reconstructed with new lighting, insulation, and rooftop gas heat & air conditioning throughout. The building can be expanded in the future if required. Focus Automation moved in at the beginning of 1997, with Philips Analytical following later that year.

The cost to move the Pressworks was about the same as it would have been to create a new structure, but it provided the added benefits of unique architecture. It was the first time in this area that a project like this had been attempted, we're very pleased with the results, and won an environmental award for our efforts.

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